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Lee Jae Jin FT Island
Lee Jae Jin (이재진) is a vocalist of Korean Boy Band FT Island. His acting debut in 2007 KBS2 daily sitcom Unstoppable Marriage as Wang Sa Baek (왕사백).
Member Lee Jae Jin was a castmember of KBS’s sitcom Unstoppable Marriage while the other members made a cameo appearance. In the sitcom, Lee played the role of Wang Sa Baek (Sim Mal Yeon’s fourth son), and appeared regularly on the show.
Lee Jae Jin FT Island
Don’t be confused with another Korean Singer Lee Jae Jin (이재진) from group Sechs Kies. Yes, there is another Lee Jae Jin who was a choreographer for Sechs Kies. Along with Kim Jae Duc, he would create the dances for all of Sechs Kies music videos.
Lee Jae Jin FT Island
Lee Jae Jin in Sonagi Musical
On March 11, 2009, it was announced that Lee Jae Jin will participate in the musical Sonagi. He will get the role as a young boy. He was cast because he “showed a great passion for the piece, had the image of a sincere young boy, and had the qualifications to be considered a musical actor.” He follows the footsteps of Big Bang’s SeungRi, who already participated in the musical in summer 2008. His first appearance in “Sonagi” was on the show for the 1st May with an agitation from the press. Other than Hongki, who had a tight schedule that day, all of the other members managed to attend the musical.
Lee Jae Jin FT Island
Lee Jae Jin and her sister Lee Chae Won
Lee Jae Jin FT Island and sister
F.T Island member, Lee Jae Jin’s real sister acting in SBS “On Air” was made known recently, interesting many netizens. Lee Jae Jin’s sister, Lee Chae Won plays the make-up artist for Oh Seung Ah (Kim Ha Neul) in “On Air” and appears practically in every episode. Lee Chae Won had debuted initally using her real name Lee Jae Gyung but changed it recently. She did not rely on the fame of her brother’s name nor F.T Island to get any favours. That’s why not much people paid notice to her.
Lee Jae Jin FT Island
While her real name is Lee Jae-gyeong, she changed it to Lee Chae-won recently. She debuted as a fashion model and is reportedly signed with the same talent agency younger bro is with.
According to the “On Air” production team, F.T Island theme song, “One Word” for “On Air” has been a great success.
Lee Jae Jin FT Island
Lee Jae Jin Profile
Name: Lee JaeJin
Korean Name : 이재진
Position : Vocalist, Rapper, Guitar and Bass. (Guitar and Vocal in FT Triple.)
DOB: Dec 17th 1991
Height: 177cm
Weight: 58kg
Blood: A
School: 선유고등학교 1학년 (SunYoo High School 1st year)
Hobby: Surfing the Internet, Asking questions to music teachers & sunbaes
Family: Parents, Older Sister, Jaejin
Talents: Bass, listening to music
Nickname: 자진이 (JahJinnie)
Best Points: Lips
Position in band: Bassist
What I like: money … food … music
Motto: Do well the works that are for me!
For my future love: “Saranghae”
Lee Jae Jin FT Island
More Photos of Lee Jae Jin
Lee Jae Jin FT Island
Lee Jae Jin FT Island
Lee Jae Jin FT Island
Lee Jae Jin FT Island
Lee Jae Jin FT Island
Watch Lee Jaejin Solo Performance in Thailand Concert Video here

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